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BCS National title Game Preview
Storylines: As the great commentator Keith Jackson use to say, welcome to the “grandaddy of canada goose cyber monday deals store all”. The LSU Tigers have unquestionably been the best team in college football this season. Moreover, their scope of work this regular season might be the single most impressive portfolio any team has assembled in recent memory. Think about, running the table within the SEC, not to mention wins versus Oregon, West Virginia, Alabama, and Arkansas (3 of those teams will finish the season within the Top 10). The Tigers regular season has been so impressive that there are those who under the opinion that barring a large margin of victory by Alabama, the Tigers are still entitled to at least a share of the national championship (By the way, I share that sentiment).

Similar to the Tigers, the Crimson Tide has utilized a superior defense in 2011 to overwhelm their opponents. The Tide currently boast the top ranked scoring defense (8. 8 PA), rushing defense (74. 9 Yards/Game), passing defense (116. 3 Yards/Game), and total defense (191. 3 Yards/Game). Combine that with an extremely physical running game (led by Trent Richardson), and the Tide have positioned themselves to earn a trip to the title game ever since their initial loss to the Tigers back on November 5th.

The Tigers and Tide both know each other. That is the problem with pairing two teams within the same conference in a title game. Take into consideration that the last two regular season games by these teams have been decided by a combined 6 points (both LSU victories). Total yards for the Tigers is 672 during that timeframe; 620 for the Tide.

The Tide’s defense was stingy all season long on 3rd down conversions to their opponents. Alabama led the nation with a 25% conversion rate to their opponents. The Tide only allowed a total of 43 third down conversions in 2011.

With these teams being so evenly matched, the smallest of canada goose cyber monday deals store can decide a game. Take into consideration the Tigers special teams. The Tigers punting, as well as their field goal kicking, was superior to the Tide in 2011. The Tigers currently rank 27th in the nation in punting (compared the Tide at 89th) at 43. 0 yards per punts. Place kicker Drew Alleman and the Tigers connected on 88% of their field goal attempts this season (3rd nationally). The Tide were 94th in the nation(62%), mainly due to their four misses versus the Tigers back in November.

Trent Richardson has failed to reach 100 yards rushing versus the Tigers during his Tide career. He is averaging 48 rushing yards per game. In their November 5th meeting, Richardson appeared to be on track for a big game, evident by his 114 total yards in the first half. However, the Tigers were able to contain Richardson in the second half, limiting him to just 36 rushing yards on 12 attempts.

Keys to Victory: I don’t think canada goose cyber monday deals store can underestimate the importance of the Tigers playing in the Superdome. By all intents and purposes, this is a home game for Les Miles and the Tigers (the Tigers are 4-0 within the friendly confines of the Superdome during BCS games). Both teams are so evenly matched, especially on the defensive side of the ball, sometimes something as simple as home field advantage can be the difference in games of this magnitude. Believe me, I would like to see nothing else than the Tide beat the Tigers on Monday simply to throw a huge wrench into the fraudulent BCS system. Unfortunately, the Tigers have proven to be far superior to their competition all season long. Too much team speed in the Tigers defensive back end (linebackers and secondary), will ultimately be the difference maker. Look for A. J. McCarron to make a couple ill advised throws that will lead to Tigers turnovers, as well as points. We like the Tigers to finish up their impressive undefeated season and capture the national championship.

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